21 Days At The End of The World

21 Days At The End of The World

What made us move on, despite all the fear we felt? What motivated us to continue fighting and even dribbling death with our own luck on so many occasions? I think what made all this was faith and love for life, for what is worth fighting or dying for.


The extrem south of America always surprised thousands of people around the world. Cradle of one of the most mystical and wise people who lived isolated from the world for thousands of years. Leaving from the south of Patagonia, the Pilgrim walks through Tierra del Fuego towards the last inhabited point on the planet, where he confronts a millenial secret society that inhabits the region for thousands of years.

Running through magical places with the help of natives who share their wisdom, “21 Days At The End of The World” stitches reality and fiction with historical facts in an exciting adventure on the region known as “The End of the World”.

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