HARBERTON STATE – Tierra del Fuego

HARBERTON STATE – Tierra del Fuego

Argentine National Historical Monument since 1999.

It is difficult to measure how much important this place is. Founded in 1886 by Thomas Bridges, it was the first venture to be established in Tierra del Fuego. Although the development of the resort took place, Harberton State kept the history and its original constructions intact, being managed until today by the family of its founders. Harberton served as a scenery for the book “21 Days at The End of The World” due to its beauty and historical importance, which largely, merges with the history of the peoples from Tierra del Fuego.

Book “21 Days at The End of The World” in Harbeton. Picture by Abby Goodal


Esteban Lucas Bridges

Son of Thomas Bridges, he is considered the first white man to be born in Tierra del Fuego. From an early age he lived very close to the native peoples, especially the Yagan and Selk’nam peoples. In 1948 he wrote the book “El Último Confin de La Tierra” (Uttermost Part of the Earth) where he narrates the saga of his family, as well as his adventures, usually in the company of natives. I consider it an obligatory book for those who want to know more about life in Tierra del Fuego at the beginning of its colonization.

Picture above: (on the left) Mr. Esteban Lucas Bridges, son of Thomas Bridges, author of the book “Uttermost Part of the Earth” (El Último Confin de La Tierra); (on the right) writer Henry Jenné with the book of Lucas Bridges, written in 1948, a book that also served as source of research for the book “21 Days at The End of The World”.