Exhibition by Leonor Harris. Picture by Prensa Austral.

Leonor Harris is 43 years and worked as a teacher of arts in a school in Puerto Williams, Tierra del Fuego, Chile. Her life was normal, until that in a day she took into a hospital feeling very bad, with too much cold and feeling very tired. They so decided in the next day to take her by plane to a little bigger city. Into short time her body became deeply letargic and she went into a coma, in which she would awaken 3 months later.

Series Ancestral Birds by Leonor Harris

During this time the doctors tryed insistently to discover what could be afecting Leonor. In the beggining, they believed that it was meningitis. However, in one of the examinations carried out, it showed that an importante organ was missing: her spleen.
Now everything has been clarified. She was being afected by a commom bacteria know as pneumococcus. The problem is that the spleen fulfils an importante function to the immunological system. Without it, bacterias were able to attack severely her body, so that the extremities of her body started to necrose. Her body was rotting and she didn´t awaken. Because of this the doctors needed to take a radical decision: amputate her fingers, her legs and her nose.

Designed by Leonor Harris

After 3 months fighting for her life, Leonor awakened. Se was alive but something was very different. She suspected that she had been amputated, but not about her legs. She came to know about that only in the next day when the doctor came to examinate her and took the blanket to see how her scars were.
With this terrible chock, Leonor needed to get used with her new body. But not before to clearify something: Why did she not have her spleen? After investigating she discovered that it had been remove years before when she was operated to remove a benign cancer from her pancreas. However, she was never warned about that.

Family Portraits by Leonor Harris

Nowadays Leonor is traying to adapt herself to her deficiencies and its not been easy, once she can not work as a teacher anymore. Now she woks producing toys and handcrafts to sell online, as well as illustrations.

Leonor Harris after her surgeries. Picture by: La Prensa Austral.

Leonor also works as an illustrater and make wonderful designs.
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