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Between Rails and Stars

Between Rails and Stars


The American Continent has always fascinated thousands of people around the world for its beautiful and mysteries.

Named mistakenly as “New World”, it was the cradle of several wise and millennial civilizations.

The way pointed is millenarian and was opened in a mysterious way by the Peoples who inhabited the South American continent along its own path and considered by many as sacred.

Based on historical records left by the first Jesuits who arrived in Brazil in the early sixteenth century, it became the source of one of the most incredible theories: That this one could have been runned by the Apostle Tomé during his passage through the American continent.

The first European to discover and run it was a Portuguese castway who arrived on our continent aboard a Spanish expedition. His name was “Aleixo Garcia” and through it arrived in Cuzco in the year 1524.

Being it a work of millennial civilizations or opened by a fearless Apostle two thousand years ago, and still discovered and runned by a Portuguese castaway who was fascinated by everything he heard about it, it doesn´t matters. What is important is that parts of it still exist, and it is filled with magical places and Peoples that preserve until today their culture and their ancestral wisdom, like the fabulous “Kingdom of Uros”.

Between Rails and Stars” brings us a beautiful arrangement sewing reality and fiction with historical and relevant facts in a new and exciting adventure surrounded by magic and mysteries.

*Preface written by Dom João Baptista Barbosa Neto – Monk of the Monastery of São Bento of São Paulo, Librarian, Writer and Cultural Producer. 




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